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nusuth Been bros with this dude for a long time, he makes all kinds of good shit, not just music. Favorite track: Nawlins (Niggas is Wet).
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released March 20, 2011



Track Name: We Invented The (Remix)
[Includes Portions of; I Don't Think So (2004), Bitch (2004), Whiteys(2005).]
Track Name: House Party (A Guide To WINNING)
born small, now huge, winning
bringing a whole bunch of it to this inning
zinging fastballs faster than you're swinging
shooting torpedos with my mind, ka-chinging
what was i thinking? uhh duh, winning
over here over there i just keep winning
cured my brain blinking, like the magician i am
quit bitching AA christians, god damn
im a drug you cant quit once you give it a taste
you trolls caught a bad case of melt face
im a warlock, on this mic a barlock
im a reverse cobra, horny like car talk
this track is banging like 7 gram rocks
jam cocks in CBS, NBC and FOX
cant stop wont stop but hop aboard
im an F40PH bro, you've been warned

im an FA-18 bro, only got one gear, GO
my success rate is one zero zero
look in my eyes, there is no fear bro
what's not to love? im a grandiose hero
girl on each side of me like we're siamese triplets
im sick of pretendin my life is not bitchin
and perfect youre from earth and im from mars
party hard like a 4-piece of rock stars
in one man, take your tin cans make em gold
this is old, go back to your troll hole
youre mad when you cant 'cant cancer' my 'happen's
shut up, stop, before i send my assassins
it happens, im F-18ing while im nappin'
fists breath fire, TMZ plops from my ass when
im crappin, no actin like my life isnt great
thats just how it is, i planned it this way

in my 20's i was Welles, 30's i was Jagger
you mistook this rockstar, for an actor
mustve been thinking of my father, brothers or sister
me? im Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger and Richards
mixed into a one man rock band
im surfin' on a tsunami, you cant stop man
you can bring your gun and your black belt
i'll just stare and watch your bones like wax melt
in the radiant glow of this star rock warlock
watch me bury you, gnarly? you are not
tiger blood in these veins got DNAdonis
Sorry Middle America, i know that you want this
yknow i got the hottest goddess times two
I leave a warning like Big, Why give an interview?
Surprise. winning is just what winners do.
scoreboards dont lie, im epic winning you

I don’t think people are ready for this message
look at me with a normal brain, you cant process it
I’m a peaceful man with bad intentions.
im alive and epic, not to be messed with
duh, next subject, victory is my objective
humiliating you is my sub-quest it's true
I am special, not like the rest of you
Women are to be hugged and caressed, dude
Sheen to the rescue, tell Obama it's done
i win every moment, the future is won
Hope is for losers suckers and tools.
Dying is for Amateurs, trolls and fools
it was lonely at the top so i went higher
feeling so hot that my skin caught fire
that’s just how I roll, enjoy the show.
Biggest star in the world, just look up bro

[Samples: House MD S7E16.]
Track Name: Fifteen Minutes
[Originally released in 2004.]
Track Name: Kekeke (The Ballad of Seung-Hui Cho)
[Originally released in 2007.]
Track Name: Fisted
[Originally released in 2004.]
[Samples: Street Fighter II.]
Track Name: Nawlins (Niggas is Wet)
[Originally released in 2005.]
Track Name: Oh Lawd!
[Originally released in 2009.]
Track Name: Kuma
[Originally released in 2010.]
[Samples Mitsudomoe.]
[Samples A Problem with Perspective by Kid Cruiser.]
Track Name: Ducreux
[Samples Bouree by Mike Batt.]
Track Name: PiGPENiS
[Originally released in 2004.]