Stunts Call Me Honey ("I Get Money" Remix)

by PiGPEN feat. Cashlin

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i rent a car, rent a cop, rent a bar, rent a hot...
slut... threesome, im in her butt
the rent-a-cop's cunt food
bitch wavin her tits out the sunroof
"who's driving this motherfucker?"
i donno, some dude.. who cares, man? fuck you
grab an irish cream from out the bar
make women Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
stoned as pompeii sucking that bombay
fuck what you were gon' say, pass that
cuz i just wanna put my penis in her asscrack
and move it up and down like the Nasdaq
me? im Berlusconi at a bunga-bunga
it'll hurt you only the first time i tongue ya
cuz they brought me girls who's ages was under
and to each one i said "younger! younger!"

yo Cashlin (yeah PEN?)
yknow that chick that works down at the Baskin
Robbins? yknow, that one that hot one
that hipster chick with the eclectic fashion
yeah I fucked her last week, now my pubes rashin'!
I fucked her so hard she thought I was a man of passion
I just wanted to cum And I did! on her glasses!
She was just a skeevy hipster bony white assed bitch!
is that what you imagined? when you were jackin
off, i know you havent even talked to Jasmine
Imagine? You think I LIKE the nasty pussy I been having?
Ask the bitch yourself I'll get better ratings than mad men!
well if it happened like that then it shouldnt matter
that i fucked her ass in the back of her Datsun
damn thats hot ill think of that when im fappin!
screw that i'll bring her over, lets get some action!


released June 29, 2011